Acoustics in auditoriums and conference halls

Auditoriums are places dedicated to listening activities and where the acoustic quality represents the main and fundamental parameter.
For specialists, the managing of auditorium acoustics is a real challenge, because it’s not sufficient to grant a proper acoustic comfort as in any other space, but it’s necessary to achieve high “acoustic response” levels too, acting on many technical parameters (reverberation time, listening uniformity, linear performances at any frequency, and more).
In the best installations, this acoustic study can lead to a specific “timbral”, in order to grant an optimal listening level and to add new values to the sound.
Thanks to its background in audio field, Acustico® can be the partner of designers and installers for the realization of acoustic treatments in auditoriums, concert and conference halls, theatres, and any other big space dedicated to the listening of music or speech. Acustico® offers a wide range of standard acoustic systems and, if requested, tailor-made products for customized projects.
Acustico®’s specialists provide an operative support to their customers, which combines technical competencies and a flexible productive capacity that only a producer can grant.
We invite you to have a look at our website section dedicated to acoustic systems for professional audio music environments.



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