DECHO® The acoustic panel Made in Italy

DECHO® The acoustic panel Made in Italy

For specialists in the acoustic field, Decho® by Acustico means sound-absorbing panel.
Decho® has been the first acoustic panel totally made of synthetic materials, and today it represents one of the most popular sound absorbing panels for the acoustic treatment of spaces.

Decho® is a high performing sound absorber, but a design furniture element as well, easy to install, resistant and durable. Due to its simple and regular design, this panel can be easily installed in any architectural environment, adding its own aesthetic value.

Decho® line offers a wide range of solutions in terms of shapes, dimensions, colors and customized printed versions.

Thanks to this flexibility, designers can propose infinite compositive solutions to their clients for standard wall or ceiling installation, and for customized acoustic furniture or surface covering as well.


Decho® sound-absorbing panels are made with an internal perimetral frame (PVC, or aluminum for large format), to obtain a panel with straight and linear edges and to avoid shape alterations or deflection over time. Acustico® doesn’t use wooden frame or components for the construction of its panels, in order to offer its clients fire-proof certified products, resistant and durable.

The same approach is applied to the other materials used for the production of Decho® panels, such as the internal polyester fiber (thermo-bonded and smoothed PET) and the 100% polyester fabric covering. Both these materials are fire-proof certified, durable in use and their features don’t change over time.


The acoustic operating principle of Decho® panels is based on the concept of sound-absorption by porosity, in association with the principle of the "vibrating membrane".
This specific feature of Decho® absorbers is obtained by a particular thermo-smoothing process of the polyester fiber surfaces, which is the internal core of the panel. This production process significantly increases the sound absorption performance of Decho® panels even at low frequencies, where common sound absorbing products are not that effective.
Moreover, the acoustic performances are further increased by the unique feature of the polyester fiber to produce dissipation of the incident sound energy, by vibrating and rubbing the filaments that compose the material.


The whole production process of Decho® panels respects the environment, using recycled and recyclable materials and avoiding the use of synthetic vitreous fibers (mineral, glass and rock wool) or formaldehyde.

In order to guarantee the safety standards of its products, Acustico® has selected special types of fabric for the external coating of panels, certified according to the highest standard (Class 1 - Oeko-Tex).

Decho® panels can be printed with any HD digital images, directly provided by the customer or taken from common online photo archives, where it’s possible to choose among millions of HD images organized by items (landscapes, famous people, abstract drawings, etc.).

Decho® printed version is commonly used for decorative wall installations in living spaces, offices, schools and many others: this is the perfect solution to combine aesthetics and acoustics.



Decho® panels can be realized integrating LED lighting systems to transform these acoustic panels into elegant sound-absorbing lamps.
Decho® acoustic light represents an innovative technical tool to manage the acoustic and lighting comfort of any environment. Panels can be supplied with standard lamps, available in many shapes, wattage and technical characteristics, or with lights provided by the customer.




Decho forms

Decho® panels can be fixed with many types of mounting systems, for wall and ceiling installations.
Panels’ installation is very simple and can be easily realized by the customer, following the assembly technical sheets included in the supply.





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