Sound absorbing panels for offices and design systems for the acoustic comfort

Sound absorbers for offices and acoustic solutions for the comfort in meeting halls, open working and coworking spaces

In the last few years, acoustic comfort has become one of the most popular and discussed topics among designers and furniture producers. In this “acoustic revolution” spaces for working activities are the most involved architectural places.

In the past, the acoustic need was exclusively related to the solving of some basic sanitary conditions, by preserving the workers from an excessive noise exposure in production areas. Thanks to the growing importance of the acoustic comfort, this necessity has been extended to all working spaces, such as offices and meeting rooms, where a low noise level is an essential condition to improve the job quality and the psycho-physical wellbeing of workers and employees.

The attention to the acoustic quality of workspaces is evident if we consider how long people stay in their offices and how much important is to create an autonomous working space, to grant a minimum privacy level and to reduce distractions.

The acoustic quality of spaces is more relevant in the open space working areas. Nowadays, these spaces are very widespread, following the evolution of the various working functions and even the growing diffusion of coworking.

In a space designed to grant a correct acoustic comfort, it’s possible to improve people’s daily life, increasing the productivity and quality of labour.



ACUSTICO® has a wide catalogue of specific acoustic systems for offices, developed to grant high sound-absorbing performances for the acoustic treatment in any workplace.

These systems include suspended compositions for ceiling installations and wall decorative acoustic panels, available in many colours (various textures and more than 200 colours), or in the printed version with images and graphics chosen by the customer, acoustic screens and desk partitions, floor free stands, sound-absorbing and insulating walls and separators, sound-absorbing lamps and many other options. It’s also possible to customize the panels’ design, forms and aesthetic features, for efficient and aesthetic acoustic interventions in any stylistic and architectural context.

The offices acoustic treatment may also be the opportunity to reorganize the spaces, not only from the functional point of view.
Indeed, ACUSTICO® offers many standard and tailor-made solutions suitable for any context, which can grant high aesthetic results, adding all the installations noticeable modern and innovative values.


Each workstation should follow the fundamental acoustic requirements listed below:

1) Facilitate the intelligibility of the verbal communications with other people in the office and during the phone calls.

2) Grant the necessary concentration and isolation during an individual activity and create the proper comfort during the break moments between the different working cycles.

In order to obtain a pleasant working environment and creating a silent sound area, it is essential to work on the following technical aspects:

1) Noise reduction of a space through reverberation control systems.
(For further information, we invite you at reading our website page about the technical modalities to reduce the reverb in offices by installing sound-absorbing panels).

2) Creation of acoustic separations between the different working stations.
(For further information, we invite you at reading our website page about Decho Screen and Shelter separation systems).