ECOPLAN® acoustic panels

ECOPLAN® sound-absorbing 100% polyester fibre panels

ECOPLAN® acoustic panel line has introduced a totally new concept in the world of the sound absorbing systems.

ECOPLAN® is a very innovative acoustic system in the sound-absorbing market, and represents an excellent operative tool to realize effective, low-cost and easy to install interventions of acoustic correction. At the same time, ECOPLAN® ensures high quality standards in terms of healthiness, eco-compatibility and certified safeness, without excluding the typical Acustico®’s design-oriented approach.

ECOPLAN® sound absorbers are the ideal solution for the acoustic treatment of big spaces, such as auditoriums, school rooms, multifunctional centres, restaurants, offices, canteens and gyms, and in any space where big sound-absorbing surfaces are needed. They are also suitable for little spaces, if you need to realize an installation having low budget.

They are extremely robust and durable thanks to the PET polyester fibre they are made of, and they can be installed in every context, without any particular limit even in high humidity places (such as swimming pools and open air bars), but also in industrial production departments.


The new ECOPLAN® product line concept is simple and efficient at the same time, because it eliminates any unnecessary element that can generate some production extra costs and that is not useful to achieve the desired acoustic results.

For this reason, ECOPLAN® sound absorbers are made of medium/high density thermo-smoothed polyester and shaped through a mechanical cutting system into the various formats.

The adopted materials and the production process permit to obtain an extremely light panel, with a weight less than 2,5 kg per square meter. This lightness features permit to install ECOPLAN® sound-absorbing panels on the walls or to the ceilings with simple gluing or velcro operations.

ECOPLAN® acoustic panels can be also placed to the ceiling with cables, obtaining nice suspended installations through a simple additional pvc plate on the panel back side, on which the customer can fix the supplied hanging system.


The absence of any covering and acoustically reflective component, permits to this sound absorber to be directly exposed to sound waves, with a considerable improvement of the sound absorbing coefficients.

Durable and ecological

ECOPLAN® acoustic panels are totally made of high eco-compatibility PET polyester fibre (deriving from the recycling, and recyclable at the same time), so polyurethane or melamine-based materials, nor materials containing formaldehyde and capable of dispersing inhalable micro-dust (vitreous fibres, rock wool and glass wool) are adopted.
Polyester fibre is a fireproof plastic material (with Class 1 and Euro class B-s1-d0 certificates), stable and long-lasting in any thermal exposure from -50 up to + 100° C, suitable for any environment with 100% humidity (even saline type), resistant to the chemical agents (acids, salts, hydrocarbons), fungi, bacteria and microorganisms, water repellent and odour free.


The production process consists of a superficial heat treatment and cutting of a polyester slab, with a serial manufacturing system. This method reduces the production costs and gives us the possibility to grant our customers a low-price panel, even if made with high quality materials.


Aligned with all Acustico® panel series, ECOPLAN® is not just an efficient tool to control the reverb and manage the architectural acoustics, but could become a pleasant furnishing complement, giving installations interesting aesthetic and decorative results.

ECOPLAN® sound absorbing panels are available in three different colours (white, black and grey) and in a wide variety of shapes (square, with rounded edges, triangular, hexagonal, trapezoidal and circular) and dimensions, with a constant formats update.

ECOPLAN® series is also available in the sound-absorbing baffles version, for vertical ceiling installations, in the product variant named ECOBAFFLE™.
In the wide Acustico® catalogue you can also find the coloured version, with a high aesthetic value, covered by tissue, in the product variant named DECHO STYLE.








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