Sound-absorbing panels for the acoustic comfort of restaurants

Acoustic comfort and noise control in restaurants, pizzerias, wineries, fast food and bars

The customers’ satisfaction about a restaurant service, is generally determined by few fundamental and common aspects. This is clear looking at reviews and comments on the main online platforms and websites dedicated to the restaurants world.
The main attention focuses on the menu quality, prices and service level, but another factor is getting importance and cannot be ignored: we can call it with the generic term of “location”.
The term location includes lots of meanings, being a sort of general parameter to evaluate the environment quality, such as architectural and stylistic components, illumination, temperature and noise level.
If the first listed elements (architectural and stylistic components) are related to aesthetic considerations and personal evaluations, the other factors (illumination – temperature – noise) are definable with specific measurable parameters.
In a competitive market with many commercial proposals, the attention to details can make the difference generating positive customers’ feedbacks.
The topic of acoustic comfort has been recently introduced in the restaurants world, and today we can assist to a radical evolution led by restaurateurs and specialized designers: they understood the importance of the acoustic managing in the staging of a quality restaurant.


ACUSTICO® provides a wide catalogue of acoustic solutions specifically developed for restaurants, bars, wineries and more.
These product lines, dedicated to the acoustic treatment of public contexts, grant high acoustic performances, aesthetic appeal and are certified for installations in places where hygiene is a priority factor.
We invite you at visiting our catalogue, where it’s possible to find the ideal solution for any space, choosing among wall and ceiling sound-absorbing panels, acoustic partitions and screens, suspended absorbers, acoustic lamps, printed absorbing panels and many other standard or customized solutions, available in many shapes, dimensions and colors.


The acoustic treatment of a restaurant is realized to reduce the reverb, a physical and measurable parameter that indicates the value of the sound reflective component generated on rooms’ surfaces. Acting on this parameter, it’s possible to reduce the global noise of a space.
The managing of the reverb level is possible in 3 steps:
1 Calculate the actual reverberation time (commonly defined as RT60 and measured in seconds) and compare it with the standard value required to obtain the ideal acoustic comfort of a space.
2 Define the exact needed quantity of sound-absorbing material to achieve the required acoustic results.
3 Choose the product line that better fits to required acoustic performances, client’s budget, aesthetic features and design of the treated space.
ACUSTICO® is at customers’ disposal during these three phases, including the acoustic evaluation of RT60 valour, the definition and study of the better technical and aesthetic solution to adopt.





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