ECOBAFFLE® sound-absorbing panels

ECOBAFFLE® polyester baffle absorbers

ECOBAFFLE® polyester baffle absorbers

The technical definition “baffles” usually describes sound-absorbing modules vertically installed to the ceiling.

This specific installing method directly exposes both the panel faces to sound waves, increasing the sound absorbing properties of the panel: for this reason, these modules are commonly called double-sided absorbers.

Baffle panels are usually set up following a regular parallel lines scheme and with a constant distance between modules, designed according to the required acoustic results.

Acustico® offers an innovative baffle absorbers line, named ECOBAFFLE®, suitable for the acoustic treatment of big collective spaces and industrial plants, where efficiency and economy are required.

ECOBAFFLE® acoustic absorbers are totally made of PET polyester fiber, the surfaces of which are treated with a specific thermo-smoothing process to improve the aesthetic finishes and the structural resistance of the material.


ECOBAFFLE® acoustic panels are suitable for the reverb reduction treatment of any environment:

The realization of acoustic treatments in noisy industrial plants is not that simple, because noises are generally produced by machineries that cannot be acoustically isolated. Indeed, it’s not always possible to act directly on the noise source, as you cannot build up sound proofing partitions around the single production units.

In these cases, the most adopted solution consists of installing suspended absorbers to the ceiling in order to control the reverb of the space, reducing the sound reflections generated on surfaces and the general sound level as well.

ECOBAFFLE® are recommended for the acoustic treatment of big industrial plants and for production lines in any manufacturing context.


ECOBAFFLE® absorbers represent the ideal solution for the reverb control of collective spaces, granting a significant reduction of the reverberation time values (RT30 – RT60).

The acoustic treatment of a space was traditionally realized with a total wall and ceiling absorbing covering in order to install as much material as possible: the introduction of the vertical ceiling installation of baffle panels, let to insert a quantity of sound-absorbing material bigger if compared to the room surfaces.

Moreover, this technical solution introduced the acoustic principle of diffraction, which increases the normal sound-absorbing performances of the panels.

ECOBAFFLE® acoustic system is suitable for the acoustic treatment of large volume spaces such as multifunctional halls, conference rooms, auditoriums, classrooms, sport centers, gyms, swimming pools, canteens, halls, exhibition spaces and museums in historic or new buildings.


• PERFORMANCES – High acoustic efficiency, thanks to the specific quality of the polyester fiber ECOBAFFLE™ are made of, and due to the absence of any reflective element, generally used for baffles realized with a rigid perimetral frame.

• ECONOMY – The automated production process and the elimination of any unnecessary component make ECOBAFFLE™ one of the most cost-effective acoustic solution available in the market.

• SIMPLE INSTALLATION – Easy ceiling installation with the supplied mounting kit that requires only two hanging points.

• LIGHTNESS – Eliminating any additional structural element, the panels weight less than 2 Kg/mq in the standard version with 45 Kg/mc density and 40 mm thickness.

• DURABILITY – The polyester fiber ECOBAFFLE™ are made of, makes these panels inalterable over time in any thermic condition from -50 to + 100 °C, suitable for 100% saturated humidity environments, (saline type too), resistant to chemical agents (main acids, salts, hydrocarbons), fungi, bacteria and micro-organisms, water-repellent and odourless.

• HEALTH – No synthetic mineral fiber (rock and glass wool) are used for the production of ECOBAFFLE™ panels and the adopted material does not contain formaldehyde, eliminating any possibility of inhalable dust dispersion in the environment.

• ECO-COMPATIBILITY – ECOBAFFLE™ panels are totally made of recycled and recyclable polyester fiber, reducing the waste disposal costs.

• SAFETY – Considering the absence of rigid parts, ECOBAFFLE™ are extremely safe even in case of accidental falls due to any impact or improper installation. Moreover the panels are fireproof and certified according to UNI 9177 Class 1 and UNI EN 13501-1:2009 Euroclass B-s2-d0. If required, the European fireproof certification (B-s2-d0) is also available for both panel faces fire exposed.

• AESTHETICS – The particular rounded corners of ECOBAFFLE™ and the hanging system with nylon cables, make these panels suitable even for installations in prestigious contexts.

• FUNCTIONALITY – The specific vertical installation mode of baffle panels does not create any barrier to air circulation in the spaces and does not require an update of the existing air or heating systems. Moreover, the baffle installations do not create any visual closure of the ceiling or modification of the natural/artificial lighting systems.


ECOBAFFLE™ absorbers are available in three colors: white, grey and black.


In the evaluation of reverb time reduction, it’s necessary to keep in mind the important contribute of diffraction (due to the vertical installation mode of baffle panels) and the double sound-absorbing effect, obtained with the exposition of both panel sides to sound waves.
Therefore, considering these improved acoustic performances, it’s possible to reduce the number of baffle absorbers, if compared to the standard acoustic evaluation elaborated with Sabine’s method and based on sound-absorbing parameters only.
Simplifying, it’s usually recommended a 20% reduction of the necessary ECOBAFFLE® quantity, if compared to the standard wall and ceiling installations.

ECOBAFFLE® panels are also available for suspended or adherence wall and ceiling installations, in the product variant named ECOPLAN®.

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