Acoustics in shopping centres

Solutions for reverberation control and noise reduction in shopping centers, supermarkets, hypermarkets, motorway restaurants, outlets and stores

Environmental factors such as lighting, temperature and acoustic comfort, together with the architectural layout quality, have a certain importance during the buying experience in a shopping store.

These environments are generally characterised by large volumes and the presence of many people: from an acoustic point of view, these two aspects can cause noise problems and a high reverberation level.

In order to control the reverb, it is usual to install sound-absorbing materials that avoid the reflection of incident sound waves and trap a part of them, thanks to their foam and porous conformation (the percentage of air containing cavities is higher if compared to the percentage of compact materials).

In trading and shopping contexts, acoustic installations have to be coordinated to the architectural style and aesthetically pleasant, in order to improve the commercial appeal of stores.

According to this, in last few years sound-absorbing panels have become an important element in interior design projects of any collective architectural context. In case of shopping spaces, the potentialities offered by the particular shape, colour and texture of materials might give an interesting aesthetic result, bypassing the acoustic function and becoming an autonomous design element.

Acustico® proposes to commercial chains, or to a little shopping store, a wide catalogue of its standard and customized products, giving the possibility to choose between economical and functional systems or design solutions.

As a direct producer, Acustico® grants the flexibility and rapidity of production and, if requested, its technical office is at your disposal for any assistance in the acoustic evaluations.






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