AURAL® round acoustic panels

AURAL® Acoustics and design

Aural® series by Acustico® is a product line of circular acoustic panels, covered with coloured fabrics and developed for acoustic reverberation treatments in any architectural context.

Aural® is the perfect solution for a drastic reduction of the “rumble”, and it’s particularly suitable for restaurants, offices and big spaces with an open layout. This panel gives excellent acoustic benefits and adds an immediate aesthetic value to any project.

These sound absorbers can be integrated in interior design contexts characterized by strong stylistic features. The lightness of circular lines gives the possibility to install Aural® panels in any interior project and architectural environment, from the modern minimal open space to the rigid historical hall with vaulted ceilings and frescos.

ACUSTICO® adopts cutting-edge production methods and half-finished materials to realize Aural® panels. They have been tested in hundreds of installations, and nowadays they are one of the flagships of ACUSTICO®’s production. Many designers well know and appreciate Aural® panels, and often include them in the most important projects of acoustic correction and interior decoration.

The production of Aural® panels is based on advanced eco-compatibility and environment protection principles, because they are made of recycled and recyclable plastic materials only, and don’t contain formaldehyde.

Moreover, Aural® acoustic panels are not made with vitreous fibers (glass wools and rockwools), in order to avoid the dispersion of inhalable dust in the environment.

Thanks to their composition, these panels are particularly resistant to any type of chemical substance (such as acids, salts, hydrocarbons), but also to bacteria, microorganisms and fungi. Indeed, they are totally realized with PET polyester fiber (both the aesthetic fabric and the internal acoustic material are made of PET). They are also totally water-repellent, don’t decay and don’t absorb fumes and smells.

The tear resistant and fireproof coloured fabrics are totally made of polyester fiber and give panels a high resistance and durability, facilitating the periodic cleaning.

Aural® round panels are available in 4 standard diameters 60 – 80 – 100 - 120 cm, and you can choose between the 2 alternative edge types (flat edge and “V” edge), with over 200 colours and various fabric patterns. You can also ask for digital graphic printed fabrics customized with any high definition image.


Panel edge types

Aural pannello bordo V

“V” edge

Aural pannello bordo piatto

Flat edge

Standard diameters



Aural® panel is available in the special version with integrated led lighting devices, that can turn the acoustic panels into elegant acoustic lamps.
This way we can provide a completely innovative device, easy to be installed, that lets you manage acoustic comfort and spaces’ illumination at the same time, with just one furnishing element.

You can choose to insert one or more lamps with various diameters and wattage in the panel, or ask for a customized set up of panels to insert specific lighting fixtures, as well (the ones you want or need).


The acoustic operating principle of Aural® panels is based on the concept of the “sound absorption by porosity”, associated to the concept of the “vibrating membrane”.
The panel gets these features after the compression and thermo-smoothing of the polyester fiber, and that’s a particularly efficient system considering the sound spectrum from 200 to 4000 Hz (typical of the human speech). This panel is considerably performing even at low frequencies, where common panels cannot be so much efficient.

The acoustic benefit is higher because of the capacity of the polyester fiber to dissipate the sound energy, through the vibrations and the rubbing of its filaments.

Aural® panels can be installed in different ways: adherent to the ceiling, suspended with cables, on the wall.

The installation operations are very easy to do, and don’t require specific skills. For this reason, installations can be directly carried out by the customer with the help of the technical sheets included in the supply.



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