Sound-absorbing design DECHO® STYLE panels

Acoustic comfort and colored sound absorbing solutions for any environment

Simplify, then add lightness.
 (Colin Chapman)

Decho Style® is a minimal and elegant panel line designed by Acustico® and characterized by a surprising decorative effect, extreme lightness and versatility of use.

These panels are made with polyester fiber (PET) and covered with fire-proof and sound-transparent fabric with a felt effect, according to the Nordic interior design trend.

The production process of Decho® Style panels is very simple but innovative at the same time: the polyester fiber is treated with a specific procedure of thermo-smoothing, the fabric is fixed on the surfaces and a cutting mold shapes the panel into the required forms and dimensions.


The thermo-smoothing operations of the polyester fiber make the material acoustically more performing and more resistant as well. Because of this structural strength, Decho® Style panels do not require additional frames or other types of containment system, eliminating any additional weight and acoustic reflective surface.

Decho® Style absorbers are available in many standard formats and two different types of fabric covering: one side covering for horizontal installations (ceiling/wall) and both sides covering for vertical (baffles) installations (ceiling only).






Acoustic comfort in any environment