Acoustics insights

Fundamental principles and insights about applied acoustics by ACUSTICO®

In this website section, you will find a series of technical insights about the main themes connected to applied acoustics.
Texts are divided in different sections, which include a series of answers to the most frequent questions (FAQ), and are a summary of the daily communications with our customers.
The general approach to the various topics is meant with an educational purpose, in order to permit nonprofessional people to understand something more about the specific acoustic arguments.
ACUSTICO®’s intention is to offer its customers some useful competencies to get a higher autonomy in their design and operative choices, from the preliminary phase (during which it’s essential to individuate the correct intervention criteria) to the final installation.
The following texts include some general information about the theoretical fundamentals of applied acoustics and the physical quantities that characterise sound and noise, with some insights about materials and construction systems.