Solutions for acoustic quality and noise reduction for transit and waiting areas in terminals

In the last century, there has been a radical mutation in the way of conceiving collective spaces in transport and mobility fields.
The train stations’ monumentality of the century before, with large spaces and high quality finishes, that has created stunning visual effects, has been replaced by new hi-tech design concepts. For example, we can think about the modern railway and airport hubs, with complex geometries, visual compositions made of innovative materials and big glass surfaces that grant luminousness and lightness in spaces.
The way we use these environments has changed too: in the past, it was not that common to move as commuters among different cities, but now it is usual to travel every day. For this reason, voyagers need a higher comfort level and ergonomic spaces during their journey.
With the massive spread of portable media devices for communication, information, leisure and job, it is possible to perform almost any activity in travelling environments, where there is a growing demand for spaces quality and acoustic privacy. These needs are not compatible with the noise in large spaces with a big influx of people, and may be controlled with proper acoustic systems. Acustico® usually operates next to designers, mobility companies and operators, and offers its competencies in this specific field. During the design phase, Acustico® operates as a general contractor, providing a real help in finding the most correct criteria to realize acoustic installations, and proposes its many standard and customized acoustic solutions.





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