Acoustic comfort in Hotellerie & SPA

Solutions for the reverb and noise control in hotels and SPA

The hotel and wellness compartment, or better the whole accommodation facilities industry, is well known for the particular attention to comfort and space quality in any environment.

Indeed, a good managing of aesthetic and functional aspects of a space can increase the potentialities of services provided by the accommodation facility.

The usual Acustico® approach consists of the synergy between acoustic competencies and attention to architecture and design: during the acoustic project process, Acustico® operates on two different parallel and complementary design levels, which have to increase the acoustic comfort and give value to the architectural context as well.

Acustico® has a wide variety of standard products, as well as infinite possibilities to grant customized solutions to its clients.

The large production of sound absorbing systems by Acustico® offers a wide variety of materials, shapes and colours to realize the perfect acoustic solution for installation in dining areas, bars, cafeterias, breakfast rooms, receptions, corridors, relax areas and gyms.

Acustico® provides many other installation proposals even suitable for wellness, gyms and therapy rooms, where the hygiene and functionality are relevant aspects. These solutions foresee the use of plastic materials only, capable of resisting for a long time in spaces with 100% saturated humidity, such as swimming pools, saunas, hammam, etc.

Hotel Ibis Styles Basel City Decho acoustic panels

Hotel Le Soleil Challand Saint Anselme Aosta Decho sound absorbing panels

David Lloyd Clubs Malaspina Ecobaffle

Hotel Le Petit Camaiore Aural sound absorbers

Portopiccolo Spa Trieste swimming pool Decho

Hotel Tiber Fiumicino Aural

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