Acoustics in sport facilities

Solutions for the acoustic treatment and noise reduction in sport centres

Sport spaces are generally large volumes, with clear and reflective surfaces, that host many people and noisy activities: the acoustics managing of these environments is one of the most difficult challenge for designers.

Moreover, there are many restrictions about the constructive materials choice, because they have to grant proper acoustic performances and meet specific requirements of safety, resistance, fire reaction, strength, durability and hygiene.

Considering the typical dimensions of sport spaces, the installation of a big quantity of sound-absorbing material is generally required. For this reason, it is very important to combine the budget availability with the required acoustic results.

In most cases, the acoustic problems come from a high reverberation level, caused by sound waves reflections on walls, floor and ceiling, increasing the general noise level.

The reverb control systems consist of the installation of the so-called sound-absorbing material, that can trap the sound thanks to its porous structure, avoiding the reflections.
In the sport field, there are many other types of environments and activities that require music during performances, such as spaces for dancing, gymnastics and skating: in these cases, the sound quality is not just an acoustic comfort requirement, but also an essential element to grant good performances.

These environments require a proper control of reverb and sound diffusion, using materials and installation methods that can act on specific sound frequencies.

For these particular treatments, it’s important to provide the appropriate technical support for choosing the best suitable acoustic solution.

Acustico® operates as a direct manufacturer, distributor and installer of a wide catalogue of products, developed for the sport area, offering a range of materials made of polyester plastic fibres (PET), with high acoustic performances, lightness, resistance, economy and eco-compatibility (recycled and recyclable materials).

PET panels are particularly effective for acoustic treatments in common sport spaces, such as school gyms and sport centres, but can also be installed in humid environments, such as swimming pools and outdoor shooting ranges.

The particular robustness, flexibility and lightness of the polyester fibre, makes this material the perfect solution for installation in basketball, football and volleyball indoor facilities: indeed, even in case of ball impact or accidental falling, the material will remain untouched and safe from any damage.




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