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ACUSTICO® – Acoustic solutions for big spaces

ACUSTICO® directly manages the supplies of acoustic materials for public and private institutions.
Our company led a lot of interventions at any scale in schools, universities, municipalities, infrastructures, museums, etc. (from the little school laboratory to the biggest infrastructure hubs).
Nowadays it is usual for us to operate next to designers and contracting authorities in the very preliminary phases of a new project, supplying the necessary technical support in the identification of the best acoustic solutions.
ACUSTICO® offers a wide range of materials and solutions to meet any technical requirement, according to specific design concepts.
Economic competitiveness is one of our main focuses, but our product lines are never developed only on the simple criteria of "economy".
Starting from the necessary requirements of performance, functionality and safety, ACUSTICO®’s panels extend their qualitative and aesthetic value through a constant research on materials, production processes and design.
For this reason, it’s common to read about the products of ACUSTICO® in the most important projects and calls for tenders.

The preliminary phase of any call for tenders is fundamental for a correct definition of the technical-design solution. This preliminary phase is important to individuate the best constructive solution to pass from the initial design to the best realization in terms of cost and benefit.
ACUSTICO®’s internal staff is made of professional designers with a multidisciplinary education and could be a useful support in the identification of the best technical solutions.


According to the recent arrangement of the Ministerial Order n.560/2017 (that foresees the progressive digitalisation of all the design supports in the public contracts), ACUSTICO® provides designers a wide database of written and graphic documents as a useful support in the preparation of contracts suitable for BIM - Building Information Modelling – program.

ACUSTICO® - Spandre S.r.l. Company is formally qualified to participate to any public procurement regarding the acoustics field (according to the Italian Law 50/2016). 
Indeed, our staff is trained and qualified to conduct any technical step of a call for tender: preliminary operations of procurement, work-awarding and technical site supervision.
Regarding the installation activities (as contractors and/or subcontractors), our team holds all the requirements of technical suitability, professionality and economic strength (according to the Italian Law 50/2016). The installation teams operate all over Europe and are constantly supervised by experienced project managers and on-site technical assistants.



READY FOR BIM (For the public works in the fields of construction and infrastructures, in force since 2019)

What the Building Information Modelling (BIM) is - Ministerial Order 01/12/2017 n. 560 - Download PDF

BIM is a model design to optimize the construction and buildings management in the fields of architecture and infrastructures.
BIM requires that all data of a construction are available in digital formats.


PROCUREMENT CODE (Italian Law 18th of April 2016, n. 50)


ACUSTICO® Acoustic systems for noise and reverb control in large spaces