Private Customers and Small-Sized Businesses

ACUSTICO® Acoustics & Design for your spaces.

Nowadays it is usual for us to be an active part in big projects, but the supplies for private customers and small companies continue to be an essential part of our activities in many contexts, such as offices, restaurants, domestic and living spaces, etc.
We know acoustics may present some technical complexities for people who don’t know it, especially in the architectural contexts.
In the preliminary phase of the project, it is important to know the correct information in order to figure out the best solution for the specific customer’s needs.


Up to the first phone or email contact with ACUSTICO®, you will have a direct contact to one of our specialists. He will follow you in the very first general considerations, finding the best technical solution for your needs in terms of performances, design and economical budget.
In a second time, and whenever you need, you could keep in contact with the same specialist for any further technical study, until the delivery definition. You can track the transport and agree the delivery time, but also ask for any technical and necessary clarification during the installation. We will provide you detailed technical sheets and defined assembly diagrams.
ACUSTICO® suggests a wide variety of standard products, but gives also the possibility of creating “just in time” personalized products: you can send us your specific requests, by specifying the materials, shapes and colours you prefer, and we will produce them after our technical evaluation.

We can provide the customer this fast service with real timelines, communicated to the customer before the purchase.


Using this website, you can directly purchase from ACUSTICO®, thanks to a direct line with the producer. You don’t have to face with intermediate passages, avoiding any extra cost due to the commercial distribution, such as wholesalers, retailers, etc.

You have an online product catalogue unique for its variety and completeness.

A specialised assistance is included in the supply, with acoustic evaluations for free.






ACUSTICO® Acoustic comfort and interior design for living and working spaces