Solutions for Companies

ACUSTICO® – Acoustic solutions for offices and working spaces

ACUSTICO® daily collaborates with many big companies and the main industrial groups, that choose its solutions for the acoustic treatment of offices, working and production spaces.

Since the first contact, a specialist is at the customers’ disposal to analyse the acoustic problems, figure out technical solutions, define which type of products will better fit to the clients’ needs and give any requested help during the transport and installation.

ACUSTICO® offers a wide range of standard products and, if requested, customized productions designed with/for its clients as well. The production is very fast both for standard and customized products and timing are communicated to the client before the purchase.

It is possible to buy directly from ACUSTICO® using the website a direct relationship between the manufacturer and the end user, avoiding intermediate steps and eliminating any extra cost due to the commercial distribution.

The most various and complete product catalogue.

Specialistic assistance and acoustic evaluation included in the supply.







ACUSTICO® Acoustic comfort and interior design for offices and workspaces