LA COMETA Pizzeria in Castano

Sound and color

Acustico® constantly collaborates with many restaurateurs to solve problems of acoustic discomfort in restaurants, pizzerias and bars caused by noise and high-level reverberation. However, every new client has his own requests and this means every time a new project has to be developed.

Restaurateurs are actually our most demanding customers and any commercial contact starts more or less in this way:

Acustico®: "Good morning Mrs. Valentina. No problem, we can help you! Acustico® collaborates with hundred restaurateurs every year"
Restaurateur (Valentina): "..mmh well..but my restaurant is different"

Acustico®: “For sure! So please, help me to understand how I may help you. Tell me about your restaurant”



LA COMETA Pizzeria in Castano Primo – Milan

Nowadays the acoustic quality of a space is very important in a restaurant and it has become one of the parameters of customers’ satisfaction.
That’s why now restaurateurs pay attention not just on the design quality of the location, or the particularity of their food proposals, but on the acoustic comfort as well. Indeed, people have to enjoy their experience at the restaurant because of the quality of food and the pleasure to spend their time sitting at the table and peacefully chatting with friends.
This case history represents an opportunity to write about a real case of installation.
So, let’s start telling about the acoustic solution designed for and with Valentina, the owner of the pizzeria restaurant La Cometa, in Castano Primo (MI).
La Cometa Pizzeria in Castano Primo is a well-known place, and in 2018 a complete restyling was planned after a generational change in management.
The renewal consisted in a reorganization of the spaces and a complete changing of furnishings. No more curtains, no more traditional table cloths, and clean white walls without any old-style wooden covering.
The result was a perfect modern restaurant, but an important element was missing: this clear space, with perfect and modern finishes, had high acoustic problems.


This renewal completely modernized the spaces and transformed La Cometa in a totally new restaurant.
However, the new owner Valentina wanted to get more, making her restaurant a special place, different from the others.
She decided to realize a colorful and brightness restaurant, ideal for young people and families with children. That’s why color became the key element of the acoustic project.



Preliminary project - Graphic schemes and simulations


In order to improve the acoustic comfort in the main room of the restaurant, Acustico® proposed to install to the ceiling suspended Decho® panels with an irregular distribution. These colored modules created a sort of false sound absorbing ceiling.


The kids area, located in a corner of the main room, required a different acoustic project.
This space was realized to offer to the clients a space where children could safely play in, under the supervision of their parents. This area was not completely closed but just defined by a wall one meter high, in order to let the parents see their kids without any problem.
The question was: how can we improve the acoustic comfort of this area by creating partitions that don’t close the view? Decho® Style colored baffle panels fixed to the ceiling represented the perfect solution to match acoustic and practical needs. We realized a sort of sound absorbing curtain that partially closed the space, improving not only the acoustic comfort of the kids area, but of the whole restaurant as well.