LAVAZZA Technical Service Office in Turin

Acoustic treatment of big collective working spaces

The acoustic treatment of big collective spaces is a usual activity for Acustico® that can easily find a perfect solution for any intervention.
Any collaboration with big companies confirms Acustico®’s leadership in the acoustic field and this collaboration with Lavazza SpA is a confirmation as well.
Considering the worldwide reputation of Lavazza SpA and the proven high attention to details, we understand a professional level was required: Acustico® immediately accepted this challenge.



Lavazza SpA offers to customers a technical telephone support service, carried out by a large team located in a new big open workspace in the historic seat in Turin.
In offices with many people working there, it’s fundamental to create acoustic separations between work stations and to reduce the global noise with the reverberation control.
Acustico® main goal is to achieve good acoustic results, improving the acoustic comfort, keeping in mind the aesthetic importance of every acoustic installation as well.


The perfect acoustic comfort in open working spaces is possible in two simple steps: by checking and reducing the reverbertion level and by creating independent workstations with specific separation systems (acoustic cells).
In order to define the features of the acoustic separations for this office, we considered the dimension of the space, the number of the work stations, how many people would have worked in the office and what kind of acoustic needs these people would have had.
According to these project datas we proposed a ceiling and wall installation to reduce the acoustic reflections on the surfaces (and then the reverberation level), associated to an installation of screens on the desks to create acoustic separations.
Decho® panels were used for wall and ceiling installation and Decho® Screens were fixed on the desks.