CONI International Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy

CONI, the International Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy in Desio

(Written by Massimo Chisari)
Rhythmic gymnastics finally has his own seat, called the “butterflies’ house”. “A starting point that makes Desio a national excellence sports centre”, declares the mayor of Desio, Roberto Corti.

We can talk about excellence, for sure. The day we were waiting for has finally arrived. The new “butterflies’ house”, better called International Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy, was opened in Desio yesterday morning, 5th September.

“We cannot think about a family without a place where to live in. We cannot play any sport without a place where to play it”. That’s the declaration of the CONI president, Giovanni Malagò.

The president of Olympic Committee, Giovanni Malagò

The new location will provide a place where the winners of the last Olympic games can train. “We won many medals, even if we trained in very precarious conditions until now. The fact of having a new seat gives us infinite chances of winning”, says Emanuela Maccarani, the coach of the Italian team. “That’s a real pleasure for us to train here, every morning we go in at eight o’clock and feel like home” says Alessia Maurelli, leader of the “butterflies”.

During the ribbon-cutting ceremony there were the highest sport and politics authorities, such as the leader of the Italian Gymnastics Federation Gherardo Tecchi, together with the Federal Executive FGI Council and the Council of Regional Committees. There were also the CONI president Giovanni Malagò, the sports councillor of Lombardia region Martina Cambiaghi, the mayor Roberto Corti and his sports councillor Giorgio Gerosa, the Monza and Brianza’s province president Roberto Invernizzi.

“Despite the big emergencies our country is facing, a new “house” was born here”, says Gherardo Tecchi. Now the “butterflies” can fly all over their new house.



The role of ACUSTICO® in the project



ACUSTICO® achieved its aim, starting from very complex design goals.
The new “butterflies’ house” is designed as a rectangular and simple shape: a big, empty and reverberating parallelepiped.
The acoustics experts usually call this case “shoe boxes”. Because of their simple geometry and their big size, this represents the most complex acoustic condition to face with.
Moreover, the acoustic project had to consider other aspects: the technical needs of taking photos and videos from above, without any possibility to install suspended elements or similar, and the necessity to obtain an acoustic comfort even in cases of high music volume.
This acoustic treatment has been a real challenge for us, even if we are usual to any type of architectural context.
Anyhow it was important for us to identify a constructive solution with the usual aesthetical added value, typical of all the installations leaded by ACUSTICO®.
We chose to install big “floating” acoustic surfaces to the wall, realized with broadband Decho acoustic panels with high thickness, suitable for the medium/low music frequencies. The panels were covered with printed fabrics, with images of the athletes during their training or performances, composed as a puzzle.
The final result has given a high-level acoustic solution, and the customers have been very impressed. Moreover, the strong and evocative emotional sensations generated by the beauty of these images has fascinated everyone.