AREXPO MILANO – New Studios for big events

The biggest acoustic treatment in Italy in 2019

Arexpo S.p.A. has been in charge of transforming the whole site of Expo 2015 in a global excellence district for innovation, science and technology. Expo area is over a million of square meters, already cleaned up, with perfect infrastructures, and has high development potentials, being also attractive for important public and private institutions (both Italian and international). Its prime location makes it easily accessible thanks to the subway and railway of Milan. Moreover, it is next to the motorway exit Milan Laghi, Como, Turin and Varese, and to the airport of Milan Malpensa.






Arexpo Studios are three multifunctional pavilions, equal to each other, and every building is composed by one above ground floor, and two underground blocks for services. Pavilions have been designed to be flexible, in order to grant a complete freedom in the organization and use of spaces. Internal spaces are totally free from pillars, walls and any structural or dividing partition, and they are suitable for many initiatives: public performances (concerts, discos, cabaret, conferences, fashion shows), private events (conventions, meetings, gala dinners) and sound stages (TV coverage, photo shoots, studios for TV and film productions).


ACUSTICO® has been chosen as leading company to supply and install materials for the acoustic treatment of spaces, after a complex procedure of public tender. This last aimed at the individuation of a specialised supplier able to certify the requirements of technical-professional suitability and economic capacity of execution required by the Procurement Code (Italian Law 50/2016). Moreover, the call for tenders calibrated the above requirements to the economic entity of the contract, also considering the complex activities of high ground installations.


The project is well described by numbers: it is a volume of 100.000 cubic meters, with internal height close to 18 meters. The internal height is fundamental in this type of projects, especially for the complexity of acoustic evaluations: indeed, they have to consider phenomenon not always predictable during the acoustic simulations, done with the usual calculation methods. Moreover, a great height causes many complications during the installation activities. From a practical point of view, the most complex part of the intervention has been the installation of double-sided sound absorbing baffles, suspended to the ceiling.
Because of the big volumes, it has been necessary to install panels in this vertical position, as an adherent installation to the ceiling would not have produced an adequate reverb reduction, also considering the numerous sound waves at lower frequencies that may be generated in such a big space. The spaces had to be used for music concerts and as sound stages for big TV and film productions: for this reason, it was not only necessary to reduce the reverberation, but to obtain a linear acoustic response on frequencies as well.